MetaCleanse colon cleanse combines healing of flax seed and detoxification of bentonite in a natural fiber therapy colon cleansing product.
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Colon Cleanse Testimonials

From the July/August 1999 "Macrobiotics Today"

Macrobiotic Struggle

MetaCleanse Colon Cleanse Is Easy to Use!

I have a long history of macrobiotic struggle, the foremost being old stuff in my intestines. For thirty years, more or less, I have not had a proper cleansing of the colon until recently when I discovered Solana Systems. This is a gentle (even for yin constitutions) cleansing and bulking process with flax, psyllium and bentonite - in certain specific proportions.

I can't stress enough the miraculous transformation my bowel system has undergone within the first few days and consistently for the rest of the month that I have been taking it.

No macrobiotic counselor had even suggested such a thing to me. I am amazed. But now I'm so appreciative of this product I thought I should tell you about it. The price is relatively inexpensive. It is available through Solana Systems. I hope this information will be useful.

Norma Kwestel
Sedona, Arizona

From Dr. Jampa Mackenzie Stewart
Acupuncturist and Doctor of Alternative Medicine

Dr. Jampa Mackenzie Stewart
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Acupuncture Associates of America

17 May, 1995

Re: Treatment for Diarrhea

Dear Health Care Practitioner,

I am writing this letter to share with you several of my case history experiences with the Solana Systems MetaCleanse.

I am a practicing acupuncturist and herbalist. Over the last five months I have prescribed the Solana Systems MetaCleanse for about a dozen different patients. The first patient was suffering from severe digestive weakness and chronic diarrhea. Parasites had been ruled out as the cause. On several occasions, the patient became so dehydrated that she had to be hospitalized. Western treatment modalities proved ineffective. I was unable to stop her symptoms using Chinese medicine alone, although there was some minor improvement.

At that time, I happened to mention the case to L. E. Brooks, who suggested I put my patient on the Solana Systems MetaCleanse. I was highly skeptical, because I thought that the product sounded more like a laxative than a treatment for diarrhea, and I did not want to exacerbate my patient's illness. Ms. Brooks assured me that her product helped the digestive system achieve homeostasis and was safe for my patient to use.

With some trepidation, but trusting in Ms. Brooks' ten years of experience with the Solana Systems Cleanse, I supplied it to my patient. The results were excellent. Within 24 hours her diarrhea had stopped. Within a week her stools were regular and healthy, and her digestive strength improved. After the first week, the patient reduced her intake of the cleanse to once or twice per day, and has maintained healthy digestion and elimination functions over the past four months. Having thus brought her acute symptoms under control, I was then able to help to restore her constitution to health and balance. After this initial success, I felt confident in recommending the cleanse for a variety of digestive problems, including gastritis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic gas, acute and chronic constipation, loose stools and candida. In all cases, I noted improvement, ranging from profound improvement in the major symptoms to total cure.

I had previously experimented with psyllium husks, colonics, and other methods of restoring intestinal balance, and I can say without reservation that the Solana Systems MetaCleanse Colon Cleanse is now in my first line of treatment for digestive and intestinal disorders.

Ms. Brooks has developed and refined the Solana Systems MetaCleanse over many years. Although many people have used organic psyllium husks, ground organic flax seed and bentonite clay either in combination or by themselves, the combination and precise proportions that Ms. Brooks has developed act in ways that the individual ingredients cannot achieve by themselves.

Without hesitation or reservation, I am happy to endorse the Solana Systems MetaCleanse as a highly efficacious treatment modality for restoring digestive and intestinal health and as a treatment for diarrhea.

Dr. Jampa Mackenzie Stewart
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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