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Pin Worms, Pinworm Treatment and Pinworm Remedies

What are pin worms?

Pinworms are slender, white, threadlike worms about a third of an inch long that can infest the intestinal tract. They are sometimes also called threadworms.

Pinworm treatment is the most common worm treatment in the United States.

How do you get pin worms?

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You get pinworms by unknowingly swallowing microscopic pinworm eggs. These eggs pass into your digestive system where they hatch. A couple of weeks later, female pinworms migrate to the area around the anus where they lay their eggs. This triggers itching around the rectum. When you scratch the itchy area, you transfer microscopic pinworm eggs to your fingers. Your contaminated fingers can transmit the parasites to many surfaces, including bedding, clothing and food. Pinworm eggs can survive for several weeks on a surface.

What are the symptoms of pin worms?

Those needing pinworm treatment may experience:

  • Severe Itching of the Anal Area, Especially at Night
  • Insomnia, Irritability and Restlessness
  • Occasional Abdominal Pain

People have tried pinworm remedies for such childhood problems as teeth grinding, bed wetting, stomach aches, weight loss, poor appetite and even appendicitis, but there is no proof that pinworm is responsible for these conditions.

Who gets pin worms?

Anyone can get pin worms.

Pin worms are common in daycare settings.

School-age children most often need pinworm treatment. Next are preschoolers, especially those in daycare centers. Pinworm infection is so common that in some schools more than half the children may be infected.

Pinworms are more a nuisance than a serious health problem. Pinworm treatment is usually aimed at the intense anal itching, due to the irritation caused by worms migrating across the skin.

The body's immune system often eliminates pinworms living within the intestine within several months, but because the eggs are usually dispersed in bedding material or clothing and spread through hand contact or the air, a cycle of ingesting the eggs and starting a new round of pinworm infestation is common.

It is easy to spread the pinworm infection to other members of the family, so taking steps for pinworm remedies right away is important.

What do pin worms look like?

Pinworms look like thin, white, cotton threads. Sometimes you can see them in feces or stools in the toilet. If you cannot see pinworms in the feces, but wonder if you or your child needs pinworm treatment because of an itchy bottom, it's a practical idea to take a look at the anus in question.

With children, the easiest way is to use a flashlight at night after the child has gone to sleep. Part the child's buttocks and look at the opening of the anus. If the child has pinworms, you can often see one or two coming out of the anus. Do not be alarmed, but pinworm remedies are important.

How do you get pin worms?

Pinworms are usually passed on by poor hygiene.

When a person has pinworms, the eggs are laid around their anus along with an itchy mucus. The person scratches the itchy area and eggs are transferred onto their hands. The eggs can rub off onto other surfaces that can then come into contact with people's mouths such as children's toys, kitchen utensils or toothbrushes. The eggs are swallowed and the infestation cycle begins.

Pin worms are most common in small children because they are not fully aware of the importance of hygiene and easily forget to wash their hands.

They are also in particularly close contact with one another and sharing toys or holding hands while playing means that re-infestation is easy even after pinworm treatment. It is also commonly passed around a family.

It is virtually impossible to eliminate completely the risk of getting parasite infections like pin worms.

How do you treat for pin worms?

Give your home a good cleaning after pinworm treatment.

In pinworm treatment, it's important to get the pin worms out of your intestine AND to take proper hygiene measures to clear out any remaining eggs that may be around your anus or home.

MetaCleanse Colon Cleanse will expel the pinworms in the intestine, but not the eggs that have been laid around the anus.

Make sure the pinworm remedies involve every member of the family and be sure to give your home, clothing and bedding a through cleaning. This will break the cycle of pinworm treatment followed by pinworm re-infection.

Even if only one person in a family has pin worms, it is very important that everyone in the household take the pinworm treatment at the same time, even if they don't have any signs of pin worms.

How do you prevent getting pin worms?

  • Thoroughly Wash Your Hands After a Bowel Movement
  • Avoid Scratching Your Anal Area
  • Keep Your Fingernails Clean
  • Wash Your Bedding Every Week
  • Keep Your Bathrooms Clean
  • Change Your Underwear Every Day

The good news is that although you can't always stop pinworms from happening, MetaCleanse Colon Cleanse is one of the great pinworm remedies for pinworm treatment.

MetaCleanse contains only three natural ingredients: ground flaxseed, whole psyllium husks and food-grade bentonite clay.

Whole natural psyllium husk clears out the pin worm infection in the intestinal track.

Flaxseed is nature's richest source of the plant version of omega-3 fatty acids called alpha-linolenic acid.

The healing properties of flaxseed and omega acids mend the intestinal walls from the after effects of the pin worms.

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The bentonite clay in MetaCleanse Colon Cleanse has been used medicinally for centuries by indigenous people around the world and is recognized as one of the traditional pinworm remedies.

MetaCleanse Colon Cleanse is best mixed with water or juice and has a mild nutty taste provided by the flavor of the flaxseed.

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